Film and Video Festival Screenings


My video works have been featured and won awards in film and video art festivals around the globe. This is a list of screenings for these works. You can get more detail on each festival by clicking its name.


Ain't Nothing Wrong with being Beautiful (2017)

A video diptych, the subject of which is child beauty pageants. The video concentrates on the ‘pageant moms’ involvement during the shows.
The right hand side features videos from pageants in Texas in which girls dance in front of judges to instructions given by moms and coaches behind the judges’ backs.
The left side is a staged video of an adult dancer which acts as a contrast to the video on the right. In it, the dancer sheds off objects which the girls wear.

Winner - Best of International Experimental.

  • TELEFON ART, Szczecin European Film Festival, Szczecin, Poland, June 2017.


Stretching Limits (2015)

Dual-channel Video art, 8:02.